Since Dan McCarthy left…

Things have been going downhill at <i>The American Conservative</i>.

Today, I found someone vomiting out this on their website:

Which is to say that replacing quantitative test data with teacher recommendations, grade point averages, and personal narratives is opting for an approach that is necessarily less scientific, as the information involved is not referenced against a uniform (i.e. standard) set of metrics.”

I don’t know anything about this author, but, he assumes that:

  1. College admissions should be “scientific.”
  2. Absolutely any “uniform metric” is preferable to any alternative. So I guess this clown would be happy if students were admitted to universities based on weight, since that would be a “uniform metric.”


  1. What are your thoughts on David D Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom.

    1. As bad as all other ideology?

    2. I remember you said that you read The Machinery of Freedom in another blog post. I was just curious what you thought about the book after you first read it and what made you eventually relized it was just a giant pile of balony.


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