Gene's April Fool Article

I know it spoils things to admit the joke, but Gene's article on why the Democrats are worse than the Republicans is just too subtle; people might think he was serious! Some choice excerpts:

There is another group, more obscure, but more important to the functioning of the Democratic Party than those mentioned above. I'll call them the immune-system-suppressers for the parasites....The reward for this service is to gain a place at the head of the legions of parasites, to get the first, freshest blood drawn from the host. It must be the sincere hope of those of this class that the host is quite healthy, and that the parasitism can continue at least as long as they are alive....

But these people know that they are just respectable thieves. Because of this, they will do anything to retain their grip on power and prevent their own exposure. If the meaning of the word 'is' can be changed to suit their purposes, grand! If they can shrug off crimes with a phrase like "no controlling legal authority," then use it! If an opponent can be smeared by somehow implying that he might as well have been at the wheel of the pickup truck that dragged James Byrd, well, so be it.

Perhaps some innocent people in some obscure country, like, say, Iraq, Sudan or Kosovo, have to die so that these thieves can maintain power...

However, we are on the verge of seeing the American Fascist Party – oops, I mean the Democrats – install themselves as the permanent ruling party.


  1. Fine, Bob, and I'm gonna dig up something real embarrassing about you, too.

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    No digging required, he posted plenty about ID in this forum.

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