three degrees shy of hell

For those of you unfamiliar with Miami, it is already summer. A couple months ago I noticed that my air conditioner was broken, but put off buying a new one because it's the type that you have to break open the wall to replace--like at hotels and motels. $$$$$ I had hoped by procrastinating, the old one might repair itself on its own, but this was not to be. The 90+ temperatures finally overcome my stubborn cheapness, and I had the nice fellows at Miami Breezes come over to take a hammer to my walls. I did not get a fancy model, but it does have an LED window that gives the room temp (When they turned the unit on, it gave the room temp as 87, btw.) This is the real kicker though: it has a remote control. This is so different from when I was a kid and had to walk a mile and a half in the heat and humidity--uphill, both ways, across the room--to get to the AC to turn it on. Young people these days just don't know how lucky they are.


  1. Woody1:46 AM

    "Man is a creature who can get used to anything, and I believe that is the very best way of defining him." Dostoevsky

    Of course, old Fyodor was talking about how human beings become inured to adverse circumstances, but I like turning this one on its head.

    Just the other day I bitched to my wife about the lack of a remote control for our pool heater. When I grew up a swimming pool was something that only the neighbors could have. And in Connecticut we'd feel lucky to get to swim in 75 degree water in mid-summer. These days I won't go in my own damn pool unless it's at least 85 degrees (that's okay for January). I take it for granted that my pool will be over 90 during the summer. After some reflection, I guess I can live without a remote control for my pool heater, for now. My future grand children will probably laugh about my primitive living conditions.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Why would you want your pool over 90?!

  3. Woody6:21 PM

    It feels great. Have you ever heard of the hot tub? I just happen to like a 25,000 gallon warm tub.

    This summer I'll raise the temp to 98-99, and try the isolation tank thing.

  4. Woody6:33 PM

    Actually, I'm learning that 93 or so is the ideal temp for an isolation tank, as this is the typical external temperature of a human being.

    Whatever, man, some like it hot!

  5. When I was apt. hunting in LA a few summers back, the managers showing me the apts. would say, "the pool is heated only in the summer." I thought it was the most bizarre thing until the heater was turned off and I found out how cold the water naturally is out West. OUCH. You can go swimming in the Atlantic in January here--getting back out of the water might be difficult if it is 30 degrees colder though.

  6. Yeah, but Florida, in the summer -- I'd want the pool to be about 65 I think. (That's a typical early July temp at Coney Island, and it feels great if its about 90 outside.)

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