You Can Now Sleep Again...

...since the professionals have debunked Kevin Carson's attack on capitalism.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    What makes it even more painful is that two of my debunkers appear to have actually read the book.

    --Kevin Carson (public computer)

  2. Oh jeez! I can't believe I forgot that you check this blog all the time. Umm, I didn't agree with your book. There, I said it.

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Well, when someone tries to defend the labor theory of value... well, they desserve what they get.

  4. That's OK, Bob--I didn't expect a symposium issue full of reviews by people who agreed with me. But I do appreciate the fact that you and Roderick Long actually appear to have read the damn book before reviewing it, and bothered to thoughtfully engage the arguments. (No implied commentary on the other reviewers is intended by my omission.)

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