Good Work, Boys!

According to Brendan O'Neill, the US is now justifying its continuing presence in Afghanistan as part of the "war on drugs"! Of course, it was the US invasion that kicked drug production into overdrive. And that invasion was justified by how bad the Taliban were, and, of course, the Taliban were there due to the previous US intervention!

It would be nice to live in the land of Cockaigne, where roasted squabs fly into the workers' mouths, and government interventions are not subject to the law of unintended consequences. But since we don't, you'd think people might eventually learn that.


  1. I was getting all lathered-up about the increased opium production that I've reading about. I believe I read that Afghanistan's estimated 2006 production is coming in a 130% at estimated world demand. It's been so long, but I remember these things called "Thai Sticks" that were enhanced by this stuff, and I got to thinking that I might see some of these again.

    But, alas, it would take the Bush Admin to come in and F up a good thing.

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