Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Your First Day at a British University

2.00 pm Meet in Auditorium Room 2.18
• Welcome by Head of School
• Introduction to Postgraduate Department
• Free shots
• Introduction to Research by Postgraduate Research Studies Co-ordinator
• Dissertation/thesis loans
• One more to soothe the first day jitters?
• Postgraduate Representatives

2.45 - Sherry in the faculty lounge

3.00 - Inductions for research students and taught schemes

3.15 - Thirsty, mate?

3.30 - Research Unit Inductions

3.45 - Let me stand you a pint, yeah?

4.00 - Lecture on the state of modern Europe and brandy tasting

4.30 - Slip off for a quick nip

4.45 - Library Induction and introduction to the ales of Britain

5.00 pm Wine and Cheese Reception for all new Postgraduates

6.30 pm Get together at the Mackintosh pub -- at last it's time to drink!


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