Welsh Rare Bits

* Many phone booths in the UK have a chicken bone in them. Reason unknown.

* I learned of this from a poster hanging over a urinal trough in a Cardiff pub today, and folks, this is real, and you can see I'm not making it up here. There is a cellphone service in the UK that, for a fee, will, if you send them your postal code, text you "honey alerts." As far as I could tell from the pictures in the loo, this means that, if in your postal code, there are some really drunk women rubbing their breasts together, you will get a text telling you where you can go to gape at them.

* In a football match today (listen, you bloody Yanks, that means soccer) I swear I saw a referee push a player down. Can you call a foul on the ref?

* The person checking me in to my hotel told me I was not allowed "to smoke, eat, or drink alcoholic beverages" in my room. I responded that on 2 out of 3 she was absolutely safe: I had never smoked or eaten alcoholic beverages in any room.

* Now I've seen it all: As I understand it, the significance of the "urban fashion" trend of wearing pants with the waistline well below one's buttocks is to make the statement, "I'm so cool, I don't care how uncool I look to others." Well, today I saw that there are now pants available with fake underwear sewn into the back! For those who want to make the statement: "I'm so uncool that I want to appear as if I don't care how I look to others while making it obvious that I'm actualy obsessed with how I look to others."
Get 'em while they last!

* The loo at my hotel features "easy-on" condoms. Isn't that the opposite of what you need if you're going to use a condom?

* And lastly, always remember: Atailwich lleidr rhug llugddo! Rhwystrwch trosedd!


  1. "Atailwich lleidr rhug llugddo! Rhwystrwch trosedd!"--your secret is utterly safe with me.

  2. Thank God! It was you whom I worried about most as a potential source of disclosure.


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