Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Seen on a Menu

(I'm not making this up.)

Welsh Faggots
Two tasty Welsh faggots served on a bed of cracked pepper mash topped with carmelized onions and dark gravy.

If our friend Sal finds out about this, he's over to Wales in a flash: not only are there two of them, but they're tasty, and they're already in bed!


  1. If I recall the evening accurately, you weren't brave enough to take on these faggots, were you Gene?

  2. Were you sitting next to me?

  3. Lynne9:10 AM

    Yes, I was there with my aunt until about 9.45pm. thanks for your company - we enjoyed the evening.

  4. I'm very impressed that you found this post so quickly!

  5. Lynne9:14 AM

    I just typed your name in google as you suggested.

  6. E-mail me and We'll all have a pint again next trip: gcallah@mac.com.

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