Pet Peeve

I'm not a big fan of when someone comes into my office to show me something or ask a question, and actually puts his finger on my computer monitor.


  1. There *is* a simple solution, you must realize: just provide a pretty bowl of condoms beside it.

  2. Woody8:56 PM

    Hmmm... odd use of the term "computer monitor." Is this something new and PC? Groan.

  3. Obsessively polish your screen after they touch it--to the point they start to get phobic just watching you.

  4. Ooh, I hate that too.

    But worse: the sys admin came to my computer once and:
    1) sneezed into his hands;
    2) typed on my keyboard; and
    3) repeat 1) & 2) until Gene is gagging.

  5. I got a better one. The lady packing my FOOD at the market had a terrible cough. She would hack into her hand. She claimed it was only allergies or something when I asked her to stop packing my food. She resumed packing my food TWICE more before she finally understood the sentence: "Can you please stop packing my food?" Then, she went to another line and started packing the food there.

    I washed everything obsessively when I got home.

  6. Oboy, Margaret, do I ever hear you! Then the time my AC Transit (California) bus driver kept bobbing and weaving and talking to himself.


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