dear alec baldwit

I am so sick of you apologizing to me. Have you tried apologizing to your daughter yet? She's the one you have scarred for life with you sociopathetic personality. I'd rather hear you publicly apologizing to her for being a jerk in desperate need of anger management therapy, than to kiss my ass in hopes you haven't totally ruined your career as a almost-been. Is there any doubt as to why your marriage broke up?

Oh, and stop blaming everyone for your personal issues. Nobody is to blame for the tape leaking out except you. YOU MADE THE PHONE CALL. ONLY YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Your daughter, your ex-wife, her lawyers and everyone else you can try to blame did not pick up your phone, call your daughter's phone number, and leave two minutes of sick-in-the-head-twisted bile. So shut up already, piggie.

Thank you


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