safety first

Just about everywhere you can find someone demanding some intrusive action that will supposedly prevent future Virginia Tech shootings from happening. Most of it revolves around increased gun control and closing the borders, but I’ve also heard yammering about violent video games, school bullies and medical privacy issues. Everybody is using this tragedy to promote his or her own agenda, obviously. Apparently, if we bans guns, video games, medical privacy, school bullies, immigrants and goodness knows what else, nobody will ever die again. But they’ve forgotten the one key issue that will surely prevent another VT-style attack. Close the schools! You can’t kill students without the schools. If nobody ever went to school again, teachers and students would be safe from homicidal maniacs. Even principals, PE coaches and school janitors would be whisked out of harm’s way. Not just universities and public schools either. ALL SCHOOLS! There’d be no Amish school tragedy. There’d be no climbing the clock tower at UT. Homeschoolers would even be safe! Yep, ban school now!


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