Denied by Missing

Watching a footbal (soccer) match in England the other day, I had for the hundredth time that an attempt on goal was "denied by the crossbar." Hockey announcers say something similar.

Folks, a shot that hits the crossbar has missed the goal. It wasn't on the way in and the crossbar suddenly jumped in front of it. I think it's only the fact that the posts in hockey and soccer are rarely hit that leads people tp say this. You never hear of a basketbal shooter being "denied by the rim."


  1. Julius Blumfeld3:04 PM

    "a shot that hits the crossbar has missed the goal. It wasn't on the way in"

    Two comments:

    1. Since the goal comprises the goalposts and the crossbar, a shot that hits the crossbar has in fact hit the goal, albeit that isn't a goal.

    2. Whether or not the ball was on the way in, but for the crossbar, would surely depend upon the trajectory of the ball?

    Julius (up the blues)

  2. Well, the crossbar is certainly a part of the goal seen as a physical construct, but it's not a part of the goal in terms of "When the ball is there, its a goal." And certainly, with the right flight path, a ball can strike the crossbar and proceed into the scoring area of the goal. That shot didn't miss.

  3. Re Emma's post, i.e., hitting the crossbar hits the physical goal but not the teleological goal.

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