A Real Philosopher Reviews Dawkins

"Now despite the fact that this book is mainly philosophy, Dawkins is not a philosopher (he's a biologist). Even taking this into account, however, much of the philosophy he purveys is at best jejune. You might say that some of his forays into philosophy are at best sophomoric, but that would be unfair to sophomores; the fact is (grade inflation aside), many of his arguments would receive a failing grade in a sophomore philosophy class. This, combined with the arrogant, smarter-than-thou tone of the book, can be annoying."

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  1. Well, I'd be more surprised if "Christianity Today" gave him a glowing review...

    Next thing you'll tell me is Fox News doesn't like Al Gore...


  2. Dawkins doesn't understand philosophy and was ripped to shreds. Well written critique. Dawkins is a true believer, though and will not be swayed by reasonable discourse. God is making this fool a lot of money anyway, though, a testament to His infinite love.

  3. The whole thing is interesting, but look at 22:04 for a faithful follower of Dawkins. http://youtube.com/watch?v=C9HtY1chchM

  4. Mike, that's a Dawkins quality argument: we can ignore the devastating criticisms of Dawkins made in the review because the publication has "Christianity" in the title.

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