Hey Joggers!

What is it with the fact that your continuing to run at a steady pace is more important than anything else going on on the sidewalk? I've been escorting a group of grade-schoolers on a class outing and had joggers plow right through the middle of the group. This morning, I made the mistake of pausing for a second at a street corner, unsure of which way to go, and I narrowly avoided being knocked by some dude in shiny purple tights.

Well, joggers, let me clue you in on something: interval training. You see, years ago, it was discovered that, if you stop in your training from time to time for a few seconds, your heart rate actually gets higher than if you just keep going.

So, joggers, if you pause to let that old lady on her walker pass, you'll actually get in better shape. As well, as not being a total douche bag!


  1. I mostly run in a park that's pretty empty, but sometimes I run on the street, so I've been that asshole. I can tell you why I don't like to slow down, much less stop.

    The biggest reason is because it actually hurts. When I'm running at a steady pace, my legs fall into a pace, and if I break that pace, the muscles ache.

    The second reason is more psychological. I use the Nike + thing with my iPod, and it tracks my pace. I hate it when something messes up my mile time. Even if it's a group of innocent school children, or little old ladies.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Well, Rachael, I guess you will not object then if I don't slow down my car when some slow-poke jogger crosses the road in front of me. I really hate to break the nice mental space I'm in when cruising along at a steady pace.

    I really hate it when I have to use the break and stop my reverie. Even if it is an innocent jogger. Or YOUR kid.

    Just get out of the way.

  3. When I was swimming competitively I found you could get a rhythm of stop-and-go as well (almost all of our training was done that way).


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