Sure, You Can't Beat the Market Consistently

Or can you?

"Berkshire Hathaway reported today that its net worth fell in 2008 by $11.5 billion, a decline reducing its per-share book value by 9.6%. That was Berkshire's worst result in the 44 years that Chairman Warren Buffett has run the company and, in fact, only the second decline in that period. The other drop was 6.2% in 2001, a year hurt by 9/11 and other problems in Berkshire's insurance operations."

So, in a year the market was down 50%, Buffett lost only 9.6%, and that's the worst he's ever done!


  1. "Berkshire's (BRKA, Fortune 500) shares have taken a beating. The A stock dropped from $142,000 at yearend 2007 to $96,600 a year later, and in 2009 it has fallen further, closing at $78,600 yesterday. From its top of $151,000, hit in late 2007, the stock is down 48%."

  2. I recall Buffet underperforming the market during the late 1990s. But over an extraordinary and prosperous period of history he has done extraordinarily well. If he lives long enough, he just might recover from the beating he'll take in 2009.

  3. Um, and your point is, Jason B.? I'm talking about how the stocks Buffett *picks* have done, and you're talking about how the stock of his own company has done.

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