London vs. New York, Round 2

Topic: Trash cans / rubbish bins

OK, London, you went up in round one, and probably got all cocky, but answer me this: Where the heck are all of your rubbish bins? Man, if I blow my nose in a pub in London and the toilet stall is occupied, there's just nowhere else to put the snot-filled rag in my hand. (Don't tell me to hand it to the bartender -- that's disgusting!) And the train stations would prefer to have three or four people constantly roaming around picking up after everyone then put out a few rubbish bins.

After Round Two: London 1 New York 1


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    There are no rubbish bins at London airports. Its too easy to toss a bomb into a rubbish bin and then walk away and then let it explode with a timer.. the US needs to become this careful.

  2. Sidney7:22 AM

    Use your shirt sleeve. It's ecologically sound, and your snot doesn't stink, does it?

    (P.S. How are the hotel recs coming?)

  3. In the NYC subway system a snot rag is optional. On many occasions I witnessed people leaning over the tracks from the platform, applying pressure with a finger to one nostril, and blowing onto the tracks below. It was more common to obseve the track area used as a spittoon. Notwithstanding easy access to trash bins, there was no shortage of garbage on the NYC platforms and tracks.

  4. You're staying on the couch, Sid baby.

  5. "There are no rubbish bins at London airports. Its too easy to toss a bomb into a rubbish bin and then walk away and then let it explode with a timer."

    OK -- except, couldn't you do that with the rubbish bin the maintenance worker is walking around with? They've never asked me to see what was in the bag I was throwing away.

  6. Post 9/11, they've also cut down on the number of trash receptables on train/subway platforms here in Tokyo, which is too bad, as there are practically zero trash receptacles on the streets.

    But as a compensation, the ubiquitous convenience stores are required to have trash/recycle bins outside, open to all comers, and each beverage vending machine has to have a recycle bin (intended/slotted to take only cans and bottles). So one never needs to carry trash too far.

    However, blowing one's nose in public! It's okay to lose one's lunch on a train platform or in a car after a night carousing. but one NEVER blows their nose in public. Dabbing it with tissues, sniffling or just letting it run (until you can find a restroom or a spot with no one about) are all more acceptable.

  7. Sidney4:24 PM

    Would it be possible to use the couch for a day or two before the Colloquium? I don't want to suffer from jet lag, and have planned to fly in early.

  8. Wabulon stayed for four weeks his last visit, Sidney. Just let me know what day you arrive.

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