Did US Execute Japanese Soldiers for Waterboarding American POWs?

I am reluctant to take anything from the Huffington Post at face value, but unless Begala is making all this up, it seems the "quit your liberal bellyachin'" pro-waterboarding hawks are in an awkward position. Apparently US judges hanged Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American POWs during World War II. But then again, it's not really torture if you're doing it to spread your system of government all over the world, as opposed to imposing your form of government all over the world.


  1. Bob, you just don't GET it.

  2. Anonymous4:58 AM

    A logical argument seeing as how America started World War II... oh, wait.


  3. So, the definition of 'torture' is different depending on who started World War II?!

  4. Let's be fair Gene... Anon might think the definition is the same, but that it's OK to torture if you didn't start the conflict.

  5. Gene:

    We Good. They Bad.

    How difficult can that be?

  6. Don't tell me you're taking the side of those liberal US judges against the heroic Jacku Bowura!

  7. If Obama keeps on with this horseshit about "moving on" and "not politicizing things," he needs to go to Nuremberg and apologize to all the Nazis who were executed for "just following orders."


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