Machlup Redux

Since I mentioned Fritz Machlup a couple of posts down, it occurs to me that I might relate to you how a good friend of mine (who shall remain nameless unless he chooses to reveal his identity in the comments section) is nagged by the idea that he killed this great social theorist. It seems that my friend slipped a paper he wrote under Machlup's door one evening, and the next day Fritz was found dead. My friend's worry is that Machlup took one look at his paper and decided, 'Well, if this is the sort of thing I have to look forward to from here on out, it's about time for me to call it quits!'


  1. Was it titled, "The Ring"?

  2. I'm so glad you told this.

    Because I thought I killed Fritz Machlup. I had lunch with me three days before he died, and grilled him on why he, well, "drifted" from his earlier "Austrian" roots.

    I felt that the sense of guilt was more than his heart could take.

    (And, worse, he died on my birthday!)

    Richard Ebeling


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