Feed Mayonaisse to Live Tuna Fish!

So, on Facebook, I was discussing with Tennyson McCalla, who was bemoaning the move to put TSA personnel as bag inspectors on the New York City subways, how I had never encountered any searches anywhere in the four years that they have been going on there.

Then, today, I was getting on the subway to go to Yeshiva University (more on that next post) and I thought, 'You know who I do see all the time -- this group of Bolivians playing guitars and flutes that's in front of me right now.'

And then I had one of those 'Doh!' moments, and thought 'How obvious -- have the Bolivian musicians do the searches!'

I mean, they're already far more ubiquitous than the present inspectors, they're much friendlier than those TSA folks, they can entertain you, while they search you, with their colorful native ponchos and the haunting, mystical sounds of their ancient Andean melodies such as 'El Condor Pasa', and they will do the job just for tips!


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