We Have Named the Enemy (Abstractly)

I was listening to NPR and they were discussing how the military was having trouble getting equipment to its troops in a certain region in Afghanistan. The correspondent said something like, "Supplying the troops has been made more difficult by..." And here I thought, "Whoa, are they going to admit that they are meeting fierce resistance from rebels?"

But instead she finished the sentence, "...the deteriorating security situation."

Awww, what a fake out. It sounds serious if your military is being hampered by actual enemies who are sabotaging supply lines. But if it's just a deteriorating situation, no biggie...


  1. BTW Bob,

    As a footnote, people here in D.C. tell me that more and more, those transporting equipment along those supply lines are Air Force personnel. Naturally, they don't have the correct protective body gear---and so much for joining the Air Force so that you have a clean bunk to sleep in every night, and so that you don't have to deal with man to man combat.


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