"The Stagirite"? "Onassis"?

I called a used bookstore and asked if they had a copy of Aristotle's Politics.

The clerk on the line asked, "Can you spell his last name for me?"

So, what would you prefer: A highly informed psychopath or someone uninformed, but very pleasant?

UPDATE: OK, so I'm living in a Seinfeld episode. I go out to buy the book I need, and then walk into the health food store next door... and there's the guy from Atlantic Bookshop! And he recognize me, but only as some customer, and not the phone confrontation guy! Ah! If only I had Kramer with me, we could have cooked up some excellent stunt that would have backfired and cost us $500.


  1. BTW were you being facetious on the previous post, or did someone from the store literally say he was going to kill you?

  2. He literally left me a message telling me to kill myself. Then, after he saw that blog post, he told me to kill myself again.

    Then, on the store's Facebook pag, he posted "Fuck Gene Callahan."


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