Am I mistaken

Or was 2013 a particularly good year for movies? It seems we had a lot of things out there that were both popular and critically acclaimed. Competition for best picture seemed very intense.

In any case, I just rented American Hustle, and can start deciding for myself.

UPDATE: Well, maybe I am mistaken: after a half an hour of "watching" really unlikable people go on about themselves at great length in voiceovers, I could not watch anymore. I went down to the basement and hit my fingers with a hammer for a while, as it felt so much better than watching that movie.


  1. It was a big year for superhero movies. Three big films: Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Man of Steel.

  2. Anonymous2:46 AM

    I only saw 1 oscar contender this year: Gravity.

    I think it is significant in that it is the first 3D film I have seen that made effective use of 3D in telling a story. What I mean by this is that significant moments in the story are made more vivid by means of 3D. When the heroine is trapped in a burning spaceship, the sense of confinement is made palpable by the camerawork (the viewer is also confined in the same space). In another scene, the hero drifts away into the void, and the viewer can sense this distance and isolation in a way that is enhanced by the depth of the medium.

    I've seen some pretty knowledgable people dismiss 3d as a fad that "adds nothing to the story" or turns the movie into a carnival ride,but after Gravity, I think it will become part of the standard bag of story-telling tricks of movie-making.


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