Come on guys!

I am subbing in a Micro I class tomorrow. My assignment is to go over chapter 11 of The Economic Way of Thinking, "The Distribution of Income." There, I just found the following:

"We persuade [others] to hire us, to buy from us, to lend to us, or simply to recognize that our status entitles us to income. The last technique is the one employed by children to extract income from their parents..."

Really, guys, do you want to make it that easy for critics of "economism"? As I've been caring for my children, unbeknownst to me, they have been employing "techniques" to "extract" income from me?!

UPDATE: I should note that this atrocity was removed in the subsequent version. Good work on that, Boettke and Prychitko.


  1. Why that little bugger! That's the last tuition payment he pumps out of me!

    That's why I read blogs. You learn so many money-saving tips.


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