Do My Scholarly Duties, or...

Perhaps I could spend the day hitting my head with a hammer?

Because I volunteered to chair a panel at an upcoming conference, and it is time to get cracking and read the five papers being presented. So I took a glance at the first of them. It is 44 pages long, and here is the last sentence:

"Solely intensively waged class struggle, intentionally aimed at achieving practical effects, stands a chance at decisively halting capitalist social reproduction."

Oh my. Forty pages of "class struggle" ahead of me. Thanks for the birthday present, f*&^ing Karl!

UPDATE: From bad to worse: it looks as though I am chairing a panel full of Marxist papers!


  1. At least these papers are not on feminism. Oh wait, feminism is just Marxism with a sexist twist. Zing!

  2. So what your saying is someone murdered clear thought and limpid writing, as well as hours of your time, and you have a chance to assemble the suspects ...

  3. Gene, I know that this is definitely off the subject, but do you recommend any good books on Church history, specifically, the early Church? If you have any good books on the history of the Catholic Church as well, I would be very grateful!


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