Olive Garden is grotesque

Who is tempted to eat multiple bowls of really bad pasta simply because you can pig out for only $9.99? Why wouldn't someone go instead to a local restaurant where they can get one bowl of nice pasta for $9.99, and not be motivated to ridiculously overeat?


  1. I always get the soup and salad combo, which is both tasty and reasonably priced. I haven't ordered pasta there since about 2001.

  2. Well, Gene, if I'm not mistaken you've spent some time in Italy where they think of food differently than most Americans do. Beverages, too -- I understand that they drink their espresso from the little cups there instead of ordering 32 ounces of sugary liquid with two or three "shots" of espresso in it.

    So most Americans probably have a different mindset as to what constitutes "overeating" and as to what constitutes "good" or "bad" pasta (I'm certainly no expert on pasta myself; used to love it, now I usually avoid it).

    I've tried "authentic" Italian pizza and I guess it's OK, but I prefer a good New York style slice or a big goopy glop of Chicago style. I don't kid myself that those things are really "pizza" in the Italian sense, but that doesn't make them "bad."

  3. I like plenty of Italian-American food. Just not Olive Garden.


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