The most basic form of redistribution

"The most basic form of redistribution that a state engages in is equal application of the law. The rich and powerful always have ways of looking after themselves, and if left to their own devices will always get their way over nonelites. It is only the state, with its judicial and enforcement power, that can make elites conform to the same rules that everyone else is required to follow." -- Fukuyama, p. 56

Of course, the state often fails to perform its duty in this regard. That is a good argument for reforming it. It is no more an argument for eliminating it than is the fact that most new businesses fail an argument for eliminating entrepreneurship.


  1. That's really stretching the word "redistribution". If the elites have the power, then they sort of are government.

    1. Do you seriously deny Samson that in for instance Canada or the USA that law and courts do not provide a meaningful degree of levelling, and that I am not protected from the depradations of the rich because of it?


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