Wouldn't it be ironic…

if in some future, garbled version of the history of our time, historians described it as follows:

"Around the year 2000, humanity faced a crisis: a new ice age, more terrible than those before, was about to put the world in a deep freeze. Luckily, the far-sighted people of that era had foreseen this looming disaster, and, in a valiant effort to avert it, frantically burned fossil fuels at an incredible rate in order to keep temperatures higher than they would have been otherwise. Thanks to their valiant efforts, humanity narrowly pulled through the frozen centuries that followed."


  1. Haha! Honestly Gene, I don't think it would be so much as ironic as absolutely hilarious! I laughed at loud at this post!

  2. I'm not seeing what the iron is.

  3. Probably because no one has a piece of metal in their hands, Sam ;=P


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