We should go easy on Mises

"Da molti italiani il fascismo fu considerato un male che era necessario accettare. La mancanza di libertà sembrò un prezzo che era giusto pagare per avere un'Italia ordinata, senza scioperi né agitazioni popolari, senza minacce di rivoluzione." -- Il racconto dello storico

"For many Italians fascism was considered a bad that was necessary to accept. The loss of liberty seemed a just price to pay to have an orderly Italy, without strikes and popular unrest, without the threat of revolution."


  1. Didn't Il Duce nationalize like 75% of heavy industry though?

  2. Mises basically said, "At least the Fascists were better than a Communist revolution!"

    He has caught a lot of flak for that.

  3. Maybe, but by how much? I never paid much attention to communism and it's was only recently that I started to develop opinions on it. Apparently, Nazism and Fascism never achieved totalitarianism. The only ideologies that have are Marxism and Juche. Still, I consider Nazism more evil than communism.

  4. Since you know more about Ludwig more than I do, could you tell me if he had any particular views regarding ownership and property? Like if he had any idiosyncratic definitions of those two things.

    1. Not that I know of.

    2. Was it him who said the problem of pollution was caused by "poorly defined property rights"? I can't recall if it was him that said that or Rothbard.


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