Git documentation

Current, in a comment, shared this wonderful parody of git documentation. The unfortunate thing is that the actual git documentation is only a tiny, tiny bit more comprehensible then this spoof.

Also, from this and other comments arises a question: is every single regulat reader of this blog except for Bob Murphy a programmer?


  1. I'm not a programmer (although I took Java in high school). I'm a graduate physics student.

    1. I knew it wasn't literally everyone. But i have been surprised by the programmers coming out of the woodwork since i've been posting programming material

  2. I'm not a programmer and like Keshav my major is physics, but I'm a techie and written small programs, patched Linux, and am currently writing a loadable kernel module.

  3. I'm an Electronic Engineer, I do some programming. I occasionally use Subversion. I was thinking of switching to Git, I started reading the docs and they made me want to detach Linus Torvald's head.

  4. I am. Mostly "big data machine learning" type stuff (buzzword alert) but I've done some graphics and simulation work in the past.

    My colleagues all got a kick out of the parody.


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