Algorithm textbook complaint

When I took algorithms, we used Robert Sedgwick's book, called, quite imaginatively on his part, Algorithms. Today, the book usually known as CLRS, for the initials of the last names of the authors, dominates the algorithm textbook market.

I am re-reading Sedgwick at the moment, leading me to say: I think this is a shame. Sedgwick's book is much clearer and better written. It also has a much more useful approach for engineering students, with emphasis on how to actually implement the algorithms, rather than pages of mathematical proofs of their run-time complexity.


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    1. My old version is in fact in Pascal, but he now has it out in C++.

  2. I am just trying to identify the better version. I assume it's the Pascal.
    It really shouldn't matter unless there's a disc or downloadable code of course, but it will have a HUGE effect on the used price!

    1. I have never seen the inside of the C++ version. (My colleague has it on his shelf, which is why I know it exists.)


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