Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Blog readership puzzle

Here's the chart of hits per month for La Bocca:

The puzzle is, I have no idea what caused the liftoff in readership a year ago, or why it has climbed with three distinct peaks as it has. And when I look through my referrals, the main source of traffic seems to be, not a link from some big name blogger, but Google.


  1. The chart for my blog looks similar, especially at the end there. My guess would be that something happened with Google's search algorithm such that it started paying more attention to, and delivering more results from, Blogspot.

    Or it could be that the public suddenly realized that you and I are worthy of note.

    1. As we are, as we are.

    2. Half right guys. ;)

  2. What happened a year ago?

  3. Does the referrer link show what they'd searched for?

    If not, can you overlay dates of your posts containing "trump" on that plot?


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