The Worst Part about Pornography (for males, at least)

Note: here I am not talking just about "Internet porn," or dirty magazines: I am talking also about the constant flow of pornography that arises from our mainstream movie industry and our advertising industry, both of which constantly try to sell males on the idea: "You will be made most happy by a woman if the shape of her body conforms to certain socially admired standards."

This is total and absolute rubbish. Men: your life will be enhanced by a woman to the extent she loves you, supports you, and desires to help you. Whether she has a "big butt" or "small" whatevers will have very little impact on your life with her.

Of course, if a woman's (or a man's) body is grotesquely extreme, that can (quite naturally) preclude a sexual relationship with that person (as it is often a sign of deeper malady). An adult woman who weighs 60 pounds or one who weighs 400 pounds each might be very hard to embrace as a sexual partner. But in the broad range in between anorexia and gross obesity, you really should pay very little attention to the woman's body, and much more to how you and she interact.


  1. But there is nothing to suggest the mainstream movie industry has strict standards for women's physique.

    We have short actresses such as the Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, and Jada Pinkett Smith. We have tall ones such as Gwendoline Christie from GoT, Brooke Shields, Nicole Kidman or Sigourney Weaver. And with all those as examples of "skinnier" actresses, we have larger ones such as Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Queen Latifah.

    I have been watching movies, all my life, from the ones made in 1920s to modern times, and from all over the world. There is nothing about modern Hollywood as such that implies they have a set type at all.

    1. Come on Prateek, be serious, please. None of those larger actresses are shown as romantic goddesses whom will be the target of a romantic heroes quest!
      Jeez, what I am saying here is so obvious it has been noted both by radical feminists and conservatives!

    2. The big actresses are *funny*, not the girl who will fulfill your fantasies.

    3. Well, you are from a country where all top politicians are in superb physical shape. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Boehner,.etc are all noted for their visible cheekbones and lack of belly. Some of them are wide chested, some narrow chested, some darker, some fairer, but they are in basic physical shape.

      Nobody expects a politician to fulfill a sexual or romantic fantasy. But Americans, despite their obesity rate, expect their leaders to be in top shape, because they don't believe someone who can't take care of their body can take care of a country.

      I imagine that Americans judge physique in public figures to the extent that they can control it. Rand Paul and Ron Paul are not judged for being somewhat short in height, but Chris Christie is judged for his physique.

      So agreed that fatter actors and actresses will never be romantic heroes, but that is because they are seen as incapable of taking care of themselves, not because of beauty standards.

  2. I am not convinced. There is the delicate matter of a size comparison. I am really rather tired of women, fed a steady diet of male pornstars, and their expectation that all men are so small.


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