The most rapid alteration of human behavior in history

And it seems nobody is paying it much attention. Well, of course not: they are too busy checking twitter!


  1. Replies
    1. Rubbish. See response to rob below.

    2. Nor did reading the newspaper have the same effect on the brain as does heroin.

  2. Just the medium has changed, not people:

    1. Reading developed about 7000 thousand years ago, rob. It took roughly 70 centuries from that invention to people "reading on the train." The smart phone was invented 13 years ago...

      Also, in my experience, neither my books or newspapers had messages from other people suddenly popping up inside them, nor did one engage in long political debates with strangers on them, etc. etc.

    2. These "nothing to see here, move along" responses are pretty funny! When I was in college, people indeed read the newspaper of the train. However, I never recall seeing every single student in a large lecture hall desperately sneaking glances at their newspaper, even though the professor had specifically banned newspapers from the class. The idea we are not seeing a massive change in human behavior here is laughable.


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