Fat Police

ABC News is runnning a story on a new law in Texas requiring schools to send "obesity report cards" to each child's parents. They find some lady, who needs to lose about 80 pounds herself, who wishes this had happened years ago. You see, her 12-year-old daughter is 100 pounds overweight, and, well...

Well, what? If only she had received a fat report on the girl, this lady would have noticed that her daughter has a completely speherical shape? I mean, it never occurred to her that her own example and what she was feeding the girl had any connection to her Jabbba-the-Hut-like appearance? While the girl gulped down that fifth hotdog, it never crossed the mind of this dingbat of a mother that four franks might have been plenty?

What is disgusting about people like this is that, because of their own stupidity, they feel self-righteous about bringing the State further into the lives of the rest of us.


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