From the Land of Beads and Breasts

Greetings all contiguous, colonial, and other (that would be Hawaiian and Alaskan) Americans, from the Land of Eternal Corruption, aka the Big Easy, home of naked breasts and big beads:

It has been reported by our local rag, The Times Picayune (, that the members of our esteemed (I don't bother with quotation marks around that word since no one could possibly mistake the sarcasm) state legislature have expressed dissatisfaction with the current limits on legal bribery they may accept from lobbyists.

A legislator may not receive a ticket to any event that is worth more than $100. Unfortunately, with the cost of the New Orleans Saints football tickets being what they are, that won't get you a seat outside of the Superdome Nosebleed Section. Yes, woe and alas, the cap on their bribery has not kept up with inflation.

So they actually say in public, that they would like a seat "a little close to reality." Those people wouldn't know reality if it crawled up their bum! They want to wave to us from the fifty yard line and expect us to be happy about it.


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