Eminently Appropriate

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, Kelo v. City of New London, has plenty of people upset. They include a London Darrow Clements who was clever enough to try to figure out a way to use eminent domain on one of the Justices that voted in favour of the eminent domain ruling. He found one in Justice David Souter.

So what's he up to? He's put forward a proposal to take just that Justice's home and replace it with the Lost Liberty Hotel. Ha. But does he have a case? Well, maybe not, but he does say this:
"This is not a prank" ... "The town of Weare has five people on the Board of Selectmen. If three of them vote to use the power of eminent domain to take this land from Mr. Souter we can begin our hotel development."
The Boston Herald likes the idea.

Board of Selectmen, you say? So I did a little digging and found the email addresses of the five Board of Selectmen. I penned each of them a letter, a copy of which is posted below:
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:42:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Peter Jaworski" Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by yahoo.com.
Subject: Lost Liberty Hotel
To: dadada@weare.nh.gov

Dear Member of the Board of Selectmen,

My name is Peter Jaworski, and I'm a resident of Orono, Ontario, Canada.

I wanted to send you an email to encourage you to support the proposal for the Lost Liberty Hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road.

Should the Hotel become a reality, I will visit it each year. At least once. And I will come with friends.

Also, if possible, I will host the Liberty Summer Seminar (
http://www.libertyseminar.org) in the Lost Liberty Hotel every other year. The event draws between 50 to 75 attendees, mostly Canadians, and mostly from areas outside of Weare. This is likely to continue.

I'm certain that many people, just like myself, would also make use of the Hotel, would spend time in Weare, which would be great for tourism, and good for tax revenues as well.


Peter Jaworski,
Director, Liberty Summer Seminar,

MA (Philosophy), University of Waterloo,
MSc (Philosophy & Public Policy), London School of Economics.


  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    So much for poetic justice. Justice Souter’s influence in his community shielded him from his own ruling. No other rational justification can be found.

    Thankfully, the legislative branch is now busy at work attempting to shield private property rights from the Supreme Court ruling. It seems that the two may have switched roles, with the House defending the Constitution, and the Supreme Court writing new laws.

    I thought I saw Alice the other day! Or maybe it was Justice Souter –skipping in Wonderland, immune to and above the laws he passes.

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