newsster? mynews? let's call the whole thing $$$

Only yesterday, I was tooling around the various social networking sites answering messages and requests for myself and my various alts (fake personalities.) Checking, I discovered that I had a request from one of the personalities on Tom works for MySpace. I thought it a bit strange since he isn't in my network on MySpace but I figured that he can just take the whole lot of email addresses on his site and network the other ones. (Though doing that with over 16 million addresses seems a bit tedious.) Because I was a bit impressed with what I assume is an advertising scheme, I decided to okay his request.

Today I read that News Corp is purchasing MySpace's parent company. It will be interesting to see how MySpace changes from here on out. Since I joined nearly two years ago, it has morphed from a simple networking spot to dominating the genre with new features. Mostly, it has been the focus on music that allowed it to pull ahead. It's not on my regular schedule of web surfing though. It takes too long too load and then I'm inundated with requests from crappy rock bands and stripper-like nymphs. It makes me wonder if Rupert Murdoch is finding his own level though. Or maybe a date and a show to take her to.

I just came off of where I discovered an advert linked to this. What a weird set of activity.


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