New Capital Crime in the UK

Looking somewhat like a Pakistani.


  1. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Well... ok...

    But if I looked like a Paki and wore heavy, out-of-season clothes, and the law ordered me to surrender, I'd surrender. Wait a few days before passing judgement on this one. Something about his behavior was indeed suspect, if the press can be trusted.

  2. Sure, something about his behaviour was suspect.

    And he was then shot five times while he lay cowering, unarmed, on the floor of a train.

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Typical government waste: use five bullets when one would do the job!

    But seriously, it does appear that the only way to stop a suicide attack in progress is to destroy the brain of the attacker before he detonates the explosives on his person.

    These suicide attackers are going to do everything for urban living that they did for tourism. Getting from place to place is going to be one huge pain in the a--.

    I've thought about the victim's behavior in terms of what I'd do were I in possession of a controled substance, or, say, had just left my boss' house where I had been playing hide the salam with his wife. I'm facing loss of a job and/or deportation so maybe the rational response was to run? That is, it *was* a rational response before the state decided to pre-emptively kill terrorism suspects.

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