Better Wait Until the Place Calms Down

From the blog:
"...UN special envoy Jan Pronk warned recently that intelligence sources have reported, 'people in Khartoum[, Sudan,] who were not there before,' which has been interpreted as meaning an al-Qaeda presence. The terrorist network has allegedly made threats against the UN, which Mr Pronk says have led to the taking of extra security measures.

"That was confirmed by his critics as well, among them Sudan's Justice Minister Mohamed Ali al-Mardhi. He also warned, while referring to 'foreign elements' in his country, that the safety of a UN peacekeeping force could not be guaranteed."

Isn't the whole reason for sending a UN peacekeeping force somewhere that it is dangerous, and, you know, there is some need to keep the peace? What countries are good targets for UN peacekeeping -- Switzerland and New Zealand?


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