The Heresy continues...

I first met Celia Farber in NYC about twelve years ago. Although I was just a tag-along to the meeting, I was thoroughly interested in what this supposed "crank" was going to say. I had my own questions about AIDS already--which Celia's column in Spin Magazine had contributed to--but I was still very doubtful that the medical establishment could be so wrong. (I'm way less naive now.) Despite noting that all my promiscuous, gay or needle-popping friends were alive and relatively healthy, it was hard for me to wrap my head around my own observations and believe that they were anything other than the exception to the HIV-->AIDS rule. I don't think it took more than a half hour of listening to Celia to completely cure me of the HIV myth. She literally filled in the missing puzzle-pieces to my knowledge and observations of the so-called AIDS epidemic. I finally had enough information to draw my own conclusions, which was that HIV-->AIDS is a load of C.R.A.P.

Her latest assault on what simply is a money-making lie appears in Harpers Magazine this month. (Reprinted here.) That article along with what I prefer to describe as a letter of apology from AIDS-scientist Rebecca V. Culshaw underscore just how financially lucrative AIDS is to those in the "correct" cliques. How do you stop a train that so many people make money shoveling coal into? They have no incentive to be right or wrong as long as they are getting paid. Just follow the money trail...


  1. Wow that Culshaw article was cool; I had missed it when it originally ran. Besides the money trail, I think there's also the PC issue. I can definitely remember all the browbeating about "for the first few years the Reaganites told us it was just a gay disease but now we know everyone is at risk..."

  2. Crash Landing, your leading source for the heterodox view on anything!

  3. Yes Gene, I like boys, but what's that got to do with this? :P

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