Baby, Baby, Where Did That Post Go?

For those of you wondering where the Bruno and Ron Paul post went: it was a slug trap. I put it up, watched the comments build up, and once I had caught enough of the slimy little critters, I threw the thing out, without of course, looking inside.


  1. english bob10:15 AM

    Mmmm.... More lettuce....

  2. Oh, right, heh heh. My comment on that post was part of Gene's plan. I used my slug mating call.

  3. It really is funny, though, that when you call Lew Rockwell a cult leader, his fans get upset. That's just what you would expect from cult members.

  4. "I used my slug mating call."

    Yes, thanks for working with me on that one.

  5. Bob, there's a little difference between "get upset" and "start a vicious smear campaign."

    Have you read Voegelin's A New Science of Politics yet?

  6. By the way, this trait is well-known in libertarian circles -- when a friend of mine was interviewing people on a related topic, he said he heard from many people, "Yeah, I could talk to you about this, but don't use my name -- I couldn't take the smear campaign LVMI would start against me if you revealed my identity."

  7. Gene said:

    Bob, there's a little difference between "get upset" and "start a vicious smear campaign."

    I think you misunderstood my post. I'm not talking about the Reason piece of investigative journalism, I'm talking about your slug trap. I.e. it sounded like you were saying, "Can you believe these pawns? All I do is mock their heroes, and then they go and write me nasty comments in my trap. All part of my master plan, moo hoo ha HA!"

    But if you got that, then I am unaware of a vicious smear campaign against you.

  8. Oh and no, I didn't read that book. Did I say I would?

  9. I only like slug traps with beer.


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