OpenOffice Impress...

is a total piece of rubbish. It hangs on my Mac about once a day, losing all my work since my last save. It lets you work on outlines, but doesn't seem to let you print them. The printouts of your slides are crap. The help is pathetic. And just today, I worked on a presentation for a while in outline mode, and when I went back to slide view it turned out that working in outline view had trashed all of my slides -- formatting was ruined, photos and graphics moved to different slides, and more.

I'm going to go buy a real piece of software.


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    OpenOffice is written in Java. You could try NeoOffice, a port of OpenOffice to Objective C. But I really recommend Apple's own iWork. High quality, built new and rethought, but can still real old MS formats. Cheaper than Office.


  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Actually NeoOffice may still be Java I've heard but anyway, try iWork.


  3. OpenOffice on the Mac has problems because it has to run the XServer window manager on top of OSX's native window manager. The problem is that the XServer that comes installed really is not good and is really buggy. Installing the newer XServer is no small task, either, but it does run better under that. An easier work-around may be to actually install VirtualBox on your Mac, load up an Ubuntu .iso file inside of it and run OpenOffice inside of Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox on your Mac. Sounds complicated, but it's the simplest solution that I've been able to come to regarding using OpenOffice on the Mac.


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