England Christianized Twice

The Greeks, as far as I know, were the only people to develop writing twice. The Mycenaeans had writing, but the art was lost during the Greek "Dark Ages," then writing developed a second time, as Homer was scheduled to write the Illiad and the Odyssey

But I've just learned that Emgland was Christianized twice. The first time was during the latter years of Roman Britain -- of course, it was not called England yet! -- when the urban centers were all largely Christian. But the Germanic migrants who arrived when the Romans left were pagans, and Christianity disappeared in England, being driven out to the "Celtic fringe." Then, England was converted again, between about 600 and 700 AD.

Is England the only country to twice convert to Christianity?


  1. Russian also were christianized twice. First time called " Askold's Christianization". The most authoritative source on the first Christianization of the Rus' is an encyclical letter of Patriarch Photius, datable to early 867. Referencing the Russo-Byzantine War of 860, Photius informs the Oriental patriarchs and bishops that, after the Bulgars turned to Christ in 863 [1] , the Rus' followed suit so zealously that he found it prudent to send to their land a bishop. And second christianization was done by Vladimir in 988. First christianization not realy famous and never celebrated by Russian church or people.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianization_of_Kievan_Rus%27

    Further from the centers of the Church you go...


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