What Have You Wandered Into?

You show up at church at a time you have never been. As you walk in, the priest looks up at you. His eyes open wide, and he asks, "What the heck is that outfit you are wearing? Oh, and your hair looks awful. Suck in that gut!"

You are in shock.

He goes on: "Why are you just standing there with your mouth hanging open? Are you mentally challenged or something?"

What is this event at which you have arrived?


  1. Christmas Eve, AD 32?

  2. Santa visiting a church?

  3. Your own wedding?

  4. It's this week's...

    critical mass!

  5. OK, that's mildly amusing, but since you framed it as a riddle, we all sort of assumed it was remotely possible we would be able to guess what you were thinking.

    We stand corrected.


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