Obama: Definitely Not a Socialist!

Jeffrey Polet gets Obama right:

"While nothing suggests Obama is a socialist, those of us who have read our Marx may see in him features of late capitalism: concentration of wealth, cooperation between the state and owners, greater wealth inequality."

Yes: While I favored Obama over Romney in the recent election, this was not based on any illusion that Obama was a "man of the people": No, I simply thought he was a slightly more decent and reasonable capitalist overlord than Romney! And, as a conservative, I thought that was the best we could hope for, and that the best we could hope for is all that we should hope for. In the City of Man, you take what you can get.


  1. Now that I think about it, you're right! Even though I made the mistake of voting for Romney instead of going for my gut instinct of voting for Gary Johnson, I hated Romney from the very beginning even when my political leanings were more towards the left, especially when he came to my high school as part of a pancake gathering. The man himself didn't even want to run for president! It was pretty hard to tell who the real Mitt Romney was, but I think his connections to Clear Channel and guys like Rush Limbaugh ruined his chances of winning anything.



    In Europe and elsewhere, Obama is considered to be a conservative president! Funny, isn't it? There's so much fearmongering going on when people are freaking out because his middle name is Hussein. If a lunatic like Bachmann had been president, we would have gotten into a disastrous war with Iran that would have undermined America's national security. Next election, if someone like Elizabeth Warren decides to run, I might as well vote for her, especially if Jeb Bush or Rick Santorum end up winning the GOP nomination.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    I didn't vote, but if I would have had to pick between the two, I would have chosen Obama. I didn't see much difference between him and Romney on economic issues, even though their rhetoric was quite different the principles were the same. The main point for me was foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. But then, that was based upon the "lesser of two evils" idea.


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