What Global Warming?

It's perfectly normal on January 13, in New York City, to see:

Bulbs emerging!

Parsley from last summer still going strong outdoors!

Flowers in bloom!

Come on, you global warming "alarmists," nothing to see here: move along!


  1. Should I blog about the record cold in India and the Middle East to prove the alarmists are wrong? Or would we then say, "C'mon Bob, the scientists tell us you have to look at long term trends. Man you deniers are annoying."

    1. "Should I blog about the record cold in India and the Middle East..."

      To prove that the climate is undergoing drastic changes? C'mon Bob, get off the teat of the oil companies and look at what is staring us in the face!

  2. Here it is: chatastrophic global warming that stopped 17 years ago


    1. That graph shows a continued upward trend since 1985!


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