What Is Black and White, Nasty, Factually Ignorant, and Narrow-Minded?

A very mainstream realist like Stephen Walt reveals the answer:

"By making such ludicrous charges about Hagel, however, neoconservatives and other extremists made it clear just how nasty, factually ignorant, and narrow-minded they are, and how much they believed that the commitment to Israel ought to trump other foreign policy priorities." --Stephen Walt

The answer: Any column from Jennifer Rubin!


  1. Sometimes I can't tell whether these pathetic excuses for conservatives are serious or are simply putting on a clown act on purpose. I suspect a combination of both though I suspect some of the dissenters might have taken too much medication. Picking Chuck Hagel has probably been one of the President's most favorable actions in my eyes and these right wing losers want to ruin it for everyone else with their insistence on expanding militarism globally out of "patriotism" without any consideration to whether these policies would improve America's situation in any beneficial way.


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