Stupid Interweb tricks

Here is what I occasionally get from a troll in the comments section: "Callahan, you're so obsessed with Rothbard. You must stay up all night searching for things you can pull out of context to make him look bad."

What's funny is I hardly give any thought at all to Murray Rothbard, and usually do so only when he is forced upon my attention by someone else's post. (Such As David Gordon going after Dan McCarthy at The American Conservative.) Don't believe me? I just did a Google search which you can easily duplicate. It appears that in the last year, out of about 1000 posts at this blog, just three of them mention Rothbard. I am so "obsessed" that I mention him in .3% of my writing!

The reality is, dear troller, that it is you who are obsessed with Rothbard, and so you only notice posts in which he is mentioned.


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