Why does Blogger work so badly from an iPhone?

I have sometimes posted before as to how puzzled I am that blogger websites work so, so poorly from an iPhone. (I just wrote three paragraphs of response to a blog post, and had blogger wipe them all out by crashing.) I wondered, "With all Google's resources, why can't they make this software work better with the most popular smartphone?"

But this morning, I had a sudden realization: Google has its own smart phone platform, doesn't it? I now strongly suspect that Google does not want its other software ventures to work well with the iPhone. It is not in a position to make them totally incompatible, but it can leave them buggy enough that you'll keep wishing you were using some other phone.


  1. One more reason to go with wordpress.

  2. Blogger is pretty awful from an Android phone, too. But you do know that there's a Blogger app you are supposed to use, right? Slightly better, but still terrible.

    1. I use BlogPress, which is better than the app from Google.


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