Average is over

I am reviewing Tyler Cowen's above-titled book. As usual, I will be posting some of my thoughts as I read the book on this blog.

And here is the first of them: I am far from being able to yet evaluate Cowen's thesis. But I can say this: Man-oh-man, this guy has mastered the art of writing a book for "the intelligent layperson." When I sat down to start reading tonight, my intention was to deal with the "chore" (because I am writing a review) of reading Cowen for 20 or 30 minutes, and then get back to reading my new mathematics book. It has now been two hours and I have not yet had any desire to put Cowen's book down.


  1. On the back of the 2nd edition:

    "More interesting than a math book!"--Gene Callahan

  2. Which math book are you not reading?


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